The 1980 Qumar Election was the first democratic election in Qumar. The three parties where the Labor Party , Conservative Party and National Party with several smaller parties involved as well. The 1980 term would give a four year term parliament. Succeded by the 1984 Qumar Election.

General ElectionEdit

The General Election took place on December 1st, 1980 and the winners were sworn in just one month later in the new year. The election took place based off the constitution of Qumar, passed five years earlier, but never enacted until after Peraul Mc'Neil's death in 1979. The Labor Party did incredibly well in the Northern Provincial areas taking roughly 60% of the vote in those areas and totaling with a nation 51.30% of the vote. The Conservatives and National parties both battled over the South, but in the end, it was the Labor Parties ability to win in several southern districts along with their nothern stronghold that won them the majority. Conservatives took about 30% of the vote with Nationals taking slightly under 20%.

1980 Qumar Parliament Election
Election 1980
Election Results
Majority Party Labor Party
Labor Party Seats 203 (50.7%)
Conservative Party Seats 133 (32.5%)
National Party Seats 57 (14.2%)
Party Leaders
Labor Leader Neil Sherif
Conservative Leader Lebak Perad
National Leader Angela Ferri
Formed Coalitions None

Leadership ElectionsEdit

The leadership elections within the party took place months earlier in July. In the labor party, Neil Sherif was the only candidate after having been Minister for Foreign Affairs for five years under Peraul Mc'Neil. His popularity won him the leadership position and a seat in the deep south of the nation in Parliament.

The Conservative Party elected a relatively newcomer to politics Lebak Perad, who won a seat in the South as well, and was a former professor at the University of Qumar from it's founding in 1972 to 1978 when he retired to become Deputy Minister for Education under Peraul Mc'Neil's Administration. Lebak was not popular with notherns who believe he had too little experience for the job and, as such, the Conservative party suffered in the north during the general election.

The National party realized early on how bad their polling numbers looked, so, the party decided to nominate a business executive female in hopes of turning the woman vote more on their side. The strategy worked, with the party taking 34% of Women votes and a total of under 20% of the total votes. Angela Ferri, the leader of the party, won a seat in the only nothern district won by the National party.

Neil Sherif took office as Prime Minister of Qumar on January 1st, 1981.

1980 Parliament.