The 1992 Qumar Election lead to a Conservative Government with Prime Minister Quraen Sheraz being the first PM to be re-elected in Qumar . Precceded by the 1988 Qumar election, succeded by the 1996 Qumar Election.

1992 Qumar Parliament Election
Election 1992
Election Results
Majority Party Conservative Party
Labor Party Seats 142 (35.5%)
Conservative Party Seats 205 (51.2%)
National Party Seats 47 (11.7%)
Party Leaders
Labor Leader Josh Meceil
Conservative Leader Quraen Sheraz
National Leader Justin McCoy
Formed Coalitions None

1992 Election ResultsEdit

The Labor Party lost a signifigant amount of seats while the conservative and national parties both gained seats in Parliament. The Labors pulled 42.3% of the popular vote while the Conservatives pulled 52% and the Nationals about 7.5%. Due to the conservatives increase, they cut off the coalition with the national party.

The Conservative party campaigned hard on continued economic reforms and more education and healthcare reforms, while the national party campaigned on Foreign Policy reform with Canada, the US and the UN and the Labor Party campaigned on focusing on population and economic growth over the next few years.

The Conservatives became the first party to ever elect a Prime Minister for two terms.

Election MapEdit

The Conservative party won signifigantly more seats in the north than they're used to, same with the national party.

1992 Parliament