Angelai Ferri is the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar and Leader of the National Party .

Early YearsEdit

Angelai Ferri was born in Ukraine in 1944 with a twin sister who went on to practice law in the United States. Angelai never attended college, however, passed the Iranian bar exam on her own with her own studying. She became the Acting Deputy Attorney General of Qumar in 1977 after moving there in 1974 when the nation had cooled down some under Peraul Mc'Neil.

The Right Honorable
Angelai Ferri

2nd Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar
In office
January 1st, 1985 – January 1st, 1993
Prime Minister William Monroe/Quraen Sheraz
Preceded by William Monroe

Minority Leader of Qumar
In office
January 1st, 1981 – January 1st, 1985
Prime Minister Neil Sherif
Preceded by None

Member of Parliament - Qumar
In office
January 1st, 1981 – January 1st, 1993

Acting Deputy Attorney General of Qumar
In office
October 3rd, 1977 – December 5th, 1978

Acting Deputy Attorney General of QumarEdit

Angelai was a lawyer for the Attorney General's office from 1974 to 1977 and worked very hard in her job. The attorney general in 1977 appointed her acting deputy when his deputy had a massive heart attack and could no longer carry out the job. She later became famous for a case involving two students in a school and freedom of speech in which the community supported her the whole way.

She was relieved of the position in 1978 when Peraul Mc'Neil appointed a new Deputy AG.

Leader of the National PartyEdit

Angelai was elected Leader of the National party in September of 1980 after being a key founder in the party by assisting in the legal aspects and becoming the parties chief lawyer in 1979. She won 13 out of 20 party votes on September 15th, 1980 and was elected leader of the National party.

When the party did poorly in the 1980 election , the few members of parliament it had looked to her to push them back into the spotlight for the 1984 election . The party was capable of coming back and winning 60 seats in 1984 and forming a coalition government with the Labor Party . The national party jumping ship to the conservatives before the 1988 Qumar Election however had a disasturous effect on their seat count and her reputation.

Deputy Prime MinisterEdit

Angelai's tenure as Deputy Prime Minister lasted eight years and during the entire thing she had pushed constantly for increases in Defense spending, a major piece of the parties platform over the three elections. She got the defense increase in 1986 under William Monroe , the Second Prime Minister of Qumar

She continued to focus on Defense and foreign policy throughout her first and second term as Deputy Prime Minister. She was involved in creating more US-Qumar relations and French-Qumar relations in 1989 under PM Quraen Sheraz, a Conservative.

Following the nationals not re-electing her party leader in 1992, she decided to retire from politics and not run for Parliament again. Her term ended January 1st, 1993 after eight years as Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar .