The Conservative Party 's 1992 Leadership election resulted in Prime Minister Quraen Sheraz becoming leader of the party once more.

Conservative 1992 Leadership
Total Seats 184
Date September 9th, 1992
Candidate #1 Quraen Sheraz
Candidate #2 John Perad
Candidate #3 Pedro Williams
Candidate 1 175 Votes
Candidate 2 6 Votes
Candidate 3 3 Votes

Quraen SherazEdit

Incumbent Prime Minister, Quraen received a signifigant portion of the votes without muching campaigning due to his high polling and likeliness of leading the party to a Conservative victory. 

John PeradEdit

John Perad ran against Quraen Sheraz due to the lack of internal support most members of parliament really hade for Quraen, however, his high polling numbers proved to be too much for John and John lost the leadership race by signifigant amounts.

Pedro WilliamsEdit

Pedro Williams ran for the leadership to attempt to bring up key points about the failing education system and lack of teachers in Qumar and helped to change the area of debate for the coming election. He also lost the leadership race.