The Conservative Party 1996 Leadership Election lead to Randal Ashton being elected leader of the Conservative Party over Prime Minister Quraen Sheraz.

Conservative 1996 Leadership
Total Seats 205
Date September 12th, 1996
Candidate #1 Randal Ashton
Candidate #2 Quraen Sheraz
Candidate #3 William Rogers
Candidate 1 103 Votes
Candidate 2 99 Votes
Candidate 3 7 Votes

Randal AshtonEdit

Randal Ashton, an MP from the deep south of Qumar beat out incumbent Prime Minister Quraen Sheraz in the leadership race for the conservative party in 1996. He lead consistant internal attack on Quraen from the moment after the 1995 Leadership attempt and continously slammed him within private quarters. This slowly swayed members of parliament over to his side one by one, until the leadership election where he was selected due to economic and foreign policy experience.

Quraen SherazEdit

Quraen Sheraz , the incumbent Prime Minister of Qumar lost the leadership election for 1996 due to reactions made after the 1995 Leadership Spill attempt and several other internal tradgedies of the Sheraz second term administration. He did, however, still mass a lot of party votes in the election due to his popularity in the polls.

William RogersEdit

William Rogers was a recent immigrant from Wales who received barely any votes in the 1996 Conservative Party leadership election, however, did win a second term in parliament a few months later.