John Perad was the third Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar, taking office January 1st, 1993 after the re-election of Prime Minister Quraen Sheraz .

Early YearsEdit

John Perad was born in Western London on June 3rd, 1947, and has one brother, former Conservative Party leader, Lebak Perad . John was a London economist for a decade before moving to Qumar and eventually running for Parliament in 1984. He was elected in 1984 and became Shadow Cabinet Minister for Energy.

The Right Honorable
John Perad

3rd Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar
In office
January 1st, 1993 – January 1st, 1997
Prime Minister Quraen Sheraz
Preceded by Angelai Ferri

Shadow Cabinet Minister for Energy
In office
June 15th, 1985 – January 1s, 1989
Prime Minister William Monroe

Member of Parliament - Qumar
Assumed office
January 1st, 1985

Member of Parliament/Shadow CabinetEdit

John became a member of parliament in 1985 with the conservative party and was appointed shadow cabinet minsiter for energy in june after the former one had a heart attack and resigned to take a step back. John was famous for attacking the Labor Party's constant attempts to add more power lines from the north to the south, calling it, "A waste of money and an election stunt." Often on televsion. His brother Lebak Perad, who was Opposition leader at the time, often commended him on his comments. Many people believed he received his shadow cabinet appointment because of his relations with his brother.

John ran for the Conservative 1992 Leadership Election and lost to Quraen Sheraz , who later appointed him Deputy Prime Minister to keep him out of his way and to keep him from inciting a leadership spill.

Deputy Prime MinisterEdit

As Deputy Prime Minister to Sheraz, John put lots of time into improving the parties foreign policy to save them from a national advance in several vulnerable seats. John's main job was considered election lacky, he was to insure the Conservative Party would hold the government again in 1996. This was something the public found out about and hurt him signifigantly in his own polling, but not Sheraz, who could've cared less.

John was not a huge fan of Sheraz, but kept his mouth shut to keep his high ranking position. John focused also on energy development with oil and doing it in a clean way to preserve the enviroment. John ocassionaly helped in the education reforms package Sheraz was attempting to pass and often helped in the Whip's office, knowing many of the MP's himself very well.

With the election of a new Prime Minister in 1996, John continued to serve in Parliament.

After being Deputy Prime MinisterEdit

John continued to be a member of parliament for the conservative party after his tenure as Deputy Prime Minister for Quraen Sheraz. He talked often in party interviews about possibly running for leader of the party again someday. Many people believed he couldn't possibly ever win.