The Labor Party is a Party of the nation of Qumar. The Party leans left on the political spectrum and believes usually in higher taxes. The Party was founded in 1972 by several members of Peraul Mc'Neil 's Government, including Prime Minister Neil Sherif . The Party won the 1980 Qumar Election for Parliament.

1980 ElectionEdit

The 1980 Qumar Election was lead by party leader Neil Sherif who had been elected unopposed in September after being Peraul Mc'Neil 's Minister of Foreign Affairs and widely popular in the creation of the labor party. Neil Sherif lead a party wide campaign on economic improvement through trade and a national education structure, two things he would later acheive as Prime Minister.

In the 1980 Election, the Labor Party won a majority of the seats in Parliament (203 out of 400) and elected Neil Sherif to be the first Qumar ian Prime Minister. Neil Sherif appoint William Monroe, a labor party MP from the North, to be his Deputy Prime Minister.

William Monroe would later take the leadership from Neil Sherif in the 1984 Elections.

1984 ElectionEdit

William Monroe , the new Leader of the Labor Party lead the party away from Neil Sherif's low poll numbers and into the spot light again by pushing a new economic agenda. The Party won the most seats in the 1984 Qumar Election, however, did not manage to win a majority in Parliament. The Labor Party then created a coalition with the National Party to win the majority in Parliament for William Monroe to become the Prime Minister of Qumar. Angelia Ferri was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar, one of the terms for the national party to jump on and form a coalition with the Labor Party.

1988 ElectionEdit

William Monroe was re-elected the leader of the Labor Party in September of 1988, however, at the time he was aware of the parties low numbers and knew of the campaign struggles ahead. The Labor Party campaigned hard against the Conservative party and on a foreign policy and continued economic agenda. When the national party split off from the Labor Party in the elections and started to bash them as well, Monroe knew the party had likely lost the election.

The 1988 Qumar election  resulted in a hung parliament with the nationals and the conservatives forming a coalition government. William Monroe stepped down as leader of the labor party and Josh Meceil was elected to replace him as the Opposition Leader.