The Labor Party 's 1992 Leadership Election lead to Josh Meceil being re-elected leader of the Labor Party.

Labor 1992 Leadership
Total Seats 176
Date September 15th, 1992
Candidate #1 Josh Meceil
Candidate #2 Andrew Pillin
Candidate #3 Ulle Johnson
Candidate 1 99
Candidate 2 58
Candidate 3 19

Josh MeceilEdit

Josh Meceil, the incumbent leader of the Labor Party was re-elected on September 15th, 1992 to lead the party in the upcoming elections due to fairly decent polling, his experience in economics as a former banker and economist, and his friendships with members of the national party that could help to form a coalition.

Andrew PillinEdit

Andrew Pillin ran a hard campaign against Josh Meceil, however, was too little known in the general public and as such, he did not win the leadership election.

Ulle JohnsonEdit

Ulle Johnson was a recent immigrant to the nation and ran simply to increase his popularity within the party and get on the national stage. It backfired and left him without a parliament seat in the 1992 General Election.