The National Party is a Party of Qumar founded in 1979. It's first leader was Angelai Ferri who lead for 12 years and was Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar for eight. The National Party is looked at for their high focus on Foreign Affairs and Defense stances.

1980 ElectionEdit

The 1980 Qumar Election had the National Party lead by Angelai Ferri. The party lost the election taking a small number of seats and the minority position.

1984 ElectionEdit

The 1984 Qumar Election set the party up much better. With a hung Parliament of Qumar , the National party took not only more seats, but formed a coalition government with the Labor Party and elected Angelai Ferri Deputy Prime Minister of Qumar. The party then focused on finally acheiving something, however, found that the Labor Party often ignored their requests and attemtps to increase Defense funding until 1986. 

1988 ElectionEdit

The 1988 Qumar Election put the nationals in a coalition government with the Conservative Party this time, but due to them jumping ship on their own government months earlier, left them with signifigantly less seats. Most blamed Angelai Ferri for doing such a thing, and as such, she wasn't re-elected leader of the party in 1992. However, she was re-elected Deputy Prime Minister for the 1988 Coalition Government.