The National Party 1996 Leadership Election lead Justin McCoy to be re-elected Minority leader of Parliament and leader of the national party for the upcoming elections.

National 1996 Leadership
Total Seats 47
Date September 30th, 1996
Candidate #1 Justin McCoy
Candidate #2 Holly Grant
Candidate #3 Trevor Banks
Candidate 1 40 Votes
Candidate 2 5 Votes
Candidate 3 2 Votes

Justin McCoyEdit

Justin McCoy was re-elected leader of the national party because he had been able to wedge the parties slipping numbers and keep them fairly leveled in the polls. Had it not been for Justin, the party would have most likely died in 1994.

Other CandidatesEdit

Two other minor candidates in the party stood to run against Justin, but neither came close to succeding with Justin taking most of the votes on the first ballot.