Qumar is a nation in the middle east located under Iran and to the east of Iraq. The nation was founded in 1970 by Peraul Mc'Neil and is lead by it's national parliament and Prime Minister. 


Qumar was founded in 1970 by Peraul Mc'Neil, the first Supreme Leader of Qumar. The nation was founded after a violent civil war in Iran lead to a rebelion group being created, later called the Qumarian Freedom fighters. The group captured vast amounts of land from Iran and small pieces of Iraq that were certified as theirs in a treaty in 1969. The nation then declared independence in 1970 and on April 5th, 1970 it became a nation under Peraul Mc'Neil.

The nation now elects a parliament every four years as Peraul Mc'Neil wanted it to when he died. Peraul died on July 9th, 1979. The first government then took office after the 1980 Qumar Election.

The Republic of Qumar
Motto: Strength Brings Peace
National Anthem: The Qumarian Run
Ruler Prime Minister
Capital The City of Qumar
Official language(s) English
Government Type Democracy
National Religion None
Team United Nations
Alliance(s) UK, India
Area  4,693 Sq. Miles
Population 13,456,993 citizens
Nation Strength 4.67
Currency Dollar